Intra-College Mail for Students

  • Address must include the student's full name and HUB Box number. Names and box numbers are posted outside the Student Mailroom. MAILBOX NUMBERS ARE NOT GIVEN TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE.
  • Use proper mail sizes. Mail for students must be at least 1/3 of an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. Full sheets must be folded 3 ways. Remember that mailbox sizes are 3"W X 5"H X 12"D. (Nothing smaller than 1/3 of a sheet.) Full sheets (8 1/2" X 11") must be folded in half or in thirds (letter size).
  • If you want to send 20 or more mail pieces please follow the addressing information above.
  • Mail pieces must be in numerical order. Place a rubber band around them.
  • If your mailing consists of 50 pieces or more it will be considered a distribution and will need to be pre-registered.
  • Professors or offices returning papers of 20 or more need to sort them in numerical order folded in half or thirds with the name and box number visible as well as a return name. Mailings of 50 pieces or more must be pre-registered 24 hours in advance. Print a distribution registration form in PDF format.


IMPORTANT! The student mailroom is not responsible for the loss of any money or checks that are distributed through intra-college mail.

E-mail registrations will NOT be accepted.

The Student Mailroom delivers first class and intra-college mail for students. Please remember the importance of a return address, name and mailbox number or department name or number. This makes it possible to return mail to the sender if a recipient is no longer on campus without us having to open it.  Mail not having a return address could be sent to be recycled


  • All mail is distributed by mail employees only.
  • All mail must conform to size limitations and proper folds as stated on our website.
  • If there is more than one item to an individual mailing, you must attach them together in some way. (Rubber band, tape or place in a bag) This means no attaching candy or any item to a piece of paper for distribution.
  • All mailings over 50 pieces must be registered in advance. First registered, first served.
  • All mailings 20 pieces or more must be in mail box order and have a return address. This helps us return mail when the recipient is not here, and lets the sender know that the recipient did not receive the piece of mail. Helpful hint: when bringing a mailing over 20 pieces but not more than 50 put a rubber band around them to keep them in order. When students are not busy we usually place these directly into mailboxes.
  • We will not distribute any mail that is brought to us with a post-it-note attached. All items must have a readable name and box number adhered so that it will not easily fall off. This includes notebooks and books.

The mail room is not responsible for any money that is distributed.