The Club Affairs Committee is a Dickinson College Student Senate Committee. This committee's responsibilities include the recognition of new student organizations, the review of existing organizations, and regulation of organizational policies. All student organizations must be recognized by the committee and subsequently by Student Senate to be eligible for privileges such as reserving campus facilities and requesting Senate funding.

New Clubs

Student Senate encourages students to be active members of the college community. One way is to create a club or organization that benefits the campus at large. In order to form a new organization, a number or criteria must first be met:

  • A typed constitution that follows guidelines as established by the Club Affairs Committee
  • A digital version of the same constitution
  • A letter of intent from the club's leadership elaborating on the purpose and goals of the new club
  • A completed Club Membership Database form with a minimum of 15 student entries
  • Senate Recognition Agreement, signed by each club officer and the faculty adviser, agreeing to comply with the responsibilities and expectations of Senate-recognized clubs
  • A detailed plan of what the club hopes to accomplish and the events it hopes to host in its first semester of existence
  • The New Club Packet is attached below, which provides the necessary forms and information for starting the recognition process.

Senate Recognized Group Form

Club Review

In order to ensure all clubs and organizations are well supported by Student Senate, the Club Affairs Committee  shall coordinate reviews of all Senate-recognized clubs and organizations each year. Each club shall be reviewed once, at minimum, every two years. The Club Affairs Committee will utilize club review as a time for conversing with organizations about their needs to be successful, offering them suggestions for improvement, and requiring that they comply with specific standards. Committee members are required to attend club meetings to observe and ensure that it meets the established standards and procedures. The executives of the organization will then speak before the entire committee and are required to provide the necessary forms as enumerated in the above section. Each club/organization must meet the majority of the following criteria during club review:

  1. The organization is carefully thought-out and deliberated
  2. The organization is not a duplicate of another organization
  3. The organization benefits the college as a whole
  4. The organization provides events open to the entire campus
  5. The organization is autonomously student run
  6. The organization is viable and realistic
  7. The organization does not discriminate under any circumstance

Please direct any questions to Austin Davis, VP for Club Affairs, at or during office hours in the Student Senate Office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 12:00-3:00 p.m.