Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for allocating funds to groups recognized by the Student Senate. It conducts business in accordance to the Finance Committee Standing Rules.  The committee is chaired by the Student Senate Vice President for Finance and is composed of at least one Senator from each class and at least three Members-at-Large (non-Senate members). It allocates budgets for clubs and organizations in the spring followed by an appeals process, both are subject to the approval of Student Senate. Class budgets are allocated in the fall and are also subject to the approval of the Student Senate.  Classes may continue to access funds throughout the year through the Class Budgets Fund.  Any club or organization seeking additional funding for unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances, speakers, large campus-wide events, also has the ability to access a variety of funds, request are reviewed by the Finance Committee at their weekly meetings.

Please direct any questions to Alex Toole, 

Senate Funds

In addition to the normal budget requested by a student organizations, all clubs are eligible to request money from specific Senate funds. They can also request that their current funding be re-allocated or that they co-sponsor certain events with other organizations. The following explains each of these funds. Please submit all requests for funding digitally to

Finance Training Powerpoint

Special Events Fund

Access to the Special Events Fund is available to all Student Senate and Dean of Students recognized clubs and organizations and all majors committees.  The fund will begin each academic year with $100,000.  The Special Events Fund is used to fund events that are open to the entire campus community.  Examples of events commonly funded by the Special Events Fund include speakers, dinners, and dance parties.  All Special Events Fund requests must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the event, exceptions will not be made. 

Special Events Fund Request Form

Social Progress Fund

The Social Progress Fund is a special Fund created by the Student Senate for the 2011-2012 academic years.  It is open to organizations, groups, and individuals.  This fund can be used for programming, events, and resources designed to educate on and prevent discrimination in all its forms, with a special emphasis on gender-based violence.  The fund contains a maximum of $10,000.

Social Progress Fund Request Form

Discretionary Fund 

The Discretionary Fund is used to fund student groups which do not achieve Senate recognition until after spring budget hearings and for existing organizations with requests of an extraordinary nature.  The Fund will begin each academic year with $10,000 and all existing groups are limited to a total of $1,000 per year in requests.  The Discretionary fund will not be used to compensate for negligence or poor organizational planning at the time of budget hearings, and will not be used to appeal prior decisions made by the Finance Committee.    

Discretionary Fund Request Form

Social Enhancement Grant 

This fund exists to provide funds for any group of students, club, organization, or residential advisors to program for smaller events. A request may be up to $200.00. All requests must be submitted at least seven days ahead of the request date and must be substance Free. Priority will be given to late night and weekend programming. 

Social Enhancement Grant Request Form

Budget Reallocation

Organizations that wish to purchase items outside of their approved budget may submit a Budget Reallocation form to be reviewed by the Finance Committee.  Funds may be reallocated from the same event or from a different budgeted event. Funds may also be reallocated to another organization for a co-sponsored event. 

Reallocation Request Form and Co-Sponsorship Form

Enterprise Fund

The Enterprise Fund is open to all Student Senate and Dean of Students recognized clubs and organizations.  The fund will begin each academic year with $1,000.  Organizations wishing to initiate an innovative and tangible fundraiser may request a loan from the Enterprise Fund.  All loans must be repaid within 1 calendar year.  Requests are limited to $500.

Enterprise Fund Request Form

Class Event Fund

This form is to be used by class officers to request funding for class events. It is like a special event request, but for classes only. The form must be submitted to the Vice President for Finance via email ( at least 3 weeks prior to the event. The Finance Committee will then review the request and get back to the class officers as soon as possible.

Class Event Fund Form

School Spirit Fund

The purpose of the School Spirit Fund is to facilitate the support of Dickinson teams, clubs and organizations in competitions. This could include but is not limited to funding travel expenses, lodging costs, sign-making supplies, or competition entrance fees (i.e. tickets for entry). All requests must be submitted to the Student Senate VP for Finance at least seven days ahead of the competition date.

School Spirit Fund Request Form