Fall 2014 Student Senate Elections


Each candidate running for an elected position is required to submit a Letter of Intent describing their interest and qualifications for their chosen office. Note that the number in (*) next to each position title denotes the number of positions available.  

Class of 2018

President (1)

Vice President for Finance (1)

Vice President for Our Dickinson (1)

Vice President for Events (1)

Marley Pulz

Senator for the All-College Committee for Enrollment & Student Life (1)

Natalie Smith

Class Senators (8)

Candidates for First Year Class Senators are elected based on their dorm location. Two Senators will be elected from each living area. Students vote for their top two preferred candidates from their respective area. You may only vote for candidates from your dorm, but elected senators will represent the entire First Year Class.


Simon Aborn


Morgan Bates

Lower Quads

Yanxiu "Christina" Chen

Upper Quads

Sydney Collins