Student Senate Spring Elections Candidates and Letters of Intent

Below is a list of candidates for Spring 2015 Student Senate Elections with links to their letters of intent.

Executive Committee

President of the Student Senate

Ian Hower 

Director of Campus Life and Initiatives

Michele Metcalf 

Anh Thuc Tran 

Director of Financial Strategy

Ben Kaufman 

Director of Academics

Shawn Cremer 

Director of Club Consulting

Peter Brooks

James Cerasia 

Simon Ciccarillo

Director of Operations

James Dappert

All-College Committee Senators

Academic Programming and Standards Committee

Morgan Bates

Alvin McRae

Class Positions

Class of 2016

Class President

John Dinsmore 

Class Senator

Molly Hogan

Victoria Vinall

Shannon Zangas 

Class of 2017

Class President

Krysti Oschal

Class of 2018

Class President

Bailey Hans

Marley Pulz 

Class Senator

Simon Aborn

Cole Gordner

Madeleine Granda 

Megan Salerno

Tulley Shofner