2013-2014 Club Budgets

As part of an ongoing effort to increase Senate transparency, the 2012-2013 Academic Year club budgets and overall Senate budget are being released. There are three files that contain information about the budgets, which are explained below. Before you read them or look more closely at the budgets, please be aware that there are reasons behind each cut the Finance Committee made and we made great effort to ensure that the budgets we gave out were fair and allowed clubs to function as effectively as possible in a constrained budgeting environment.

  • The Overall 2012-2013 Senate Budget contains a complete breakdown of how the Student Activities Fee is spent, including the money that Senate controls, the money that goes to the Division of Student Development, and MOB's share. The document is a bit confusing, but the first section lays out the amount that goes to the various Senate funds (which you can read about on this page below), and the bottom of the page indicates how much total money was allocated int he club budgeting process.
  • The Club Requests Breakdown lists each club that submitted a budget, the items they requested money for, and how much they requested. In addition, it indicates how much the Finance Committee voted to approve for a given event, whether or not the group appealed for additional money after we completed the budgeting process, and whether or not this appeal was approved. If you are specifically interested in knowing which clubs received budgets and how much they received, this is the best document to refer to.
  • Finally, we're providing a zip file which contains each individual group budget. These contain a great deal of information about each item requested by each club, and need only be referenced should you have a question about the previous document. 

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about any aspect of what you find in these documents or the budgeting process in general, please do not hesitate to contact Alex Toole, VP for Finance.