R & D Cost Rates

Professor Tony Pires with studentsMileage Reimbursement:
Federal and state rate for 2014 is 56 cents per mile as of 1/1/14

Student Salary/Stipend Rates:
Academic Year:
Call Student Payroll (x 1544) or visit the Student Employment webpage for the current Student Payroll Classification Plan which lists corresponding pay rates. For student research assistants the R&D rate for Dana Research Assistants is $1,570.40 for academic year (8 hours per week for 26 weeks) or $785.20 per semester.

Summer: For those involved in R&D-funded (SFR or HHMI) summer student-faculty research projects, etc., the rate is $350 per week. For Dana Research Assistants the rate is $350 per week.

Student Room Rates:
Summer Room Rates change annually.  Leave that item blank on summer Student-Faculty Research and Dana applications.  It will be added administratively at the time of the review.   

See the Corporate, Foundation and Government Support Office Cost Rates Page for additional information