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The defining characteristic of what makes a program a Dickinson Program is the closeness of the overall academic relationship, in all its many dimensions, between Dickinson and its partners. Otherwise, Dickinson Programs vary as much as the parts of the globe in which they are located and there is no one program model.

Roughly seventy percent of Dickinson students who study abroad participate in Dickinson Programs. Moreover, more than forty percent of the Dickinson faculty have led or taught on a Dickinson Program. In some cases, Dickinson faculty, who are serving as rotating resident directors, teach one or two courses on Dickinson Programs, with the remainder of the courses taught by faculty at our partner institutions (e.g., Spain and England - Norwich). In other instances, Dickinson Programs are led by a permanent in-country director or coordinator who supports students and may also teach a course (e.g., Cameroon and Germany). Another model is that Dickinson works closely with the international office of a partner institution abroad (e.g., Japan and England - Oxford) and all courses are taught by local faculty at the host institution.

There is a Dickinson faculty advisor on campus for every Dickinson Program. These on campus coordinators work closely with students during the selection, application, and pre-departure process, offering them individual guidance for each program. In addition, faculty and on-site staff from our partner institutions regularly teach and lecture during visits to Dickinson, increasing students’ familiarity with our programs and host institutions overseas.