Student Employment in Sustainability-Related Positions

ALLARM Interns in field

Center for Sustainability Education (CSE)

CSE employs 9-11 Dickinson students part-time during the school year and 4 full-time students in the summer. Their overarching goals are to provide students the opportunity to create and/or improve sustainability programs and/or operations at Dickinson College in an effort to fulfill the objectives of our climate action plan and educate students on how to live more sustainably. Intern projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Supervising the Eco-Rep Program (residential peer sustainability educators)
  • Promoting sustainability though the use of social media, print, & tours

  • Inventorying greenhouse gas emissions for the campus

  • Working to promote waste minimization & diversion
  • Managing The Handlebar, our campus bicycle co-op
  • Creating alternative fuels and/or renewable energy
  • Coordinating the campus-wide Energy Challenge

  • Serving as a liaison to community sustainability programming
  • Calculating Dickinson's Nitrogen Footprint

Number of Paid Positions Available: Summer 2015: 4 & Fall 2015: 11
Hours: Fall/Spring- 10 hrs/week & Summer- 40 hrs/week (housing provided)

Dates to Apply:  Hiring for Fall 2015 completed
Contact Information: Lindsey Lyons,
, 717.245.1117
Application: Check back for Spring 2016 Application Info
Position Descriptions: To Be Determined

Alliance for Aquatic Resources Monitoring

ALLARM employs 10-14 students part-time during the school year and a 3-5 full-time students in the summer. ALLARM students are directly engaged in diverse community outreach programs from training communities in Pennsylvania and New York how to monitor streams for potential impacts from fracking to implementing a stormwater education campaign in collaboration with the Borough of Carlisle.  Primary roles at ALLARM, include:

  • Technical Assistance: Developing and implementing community resources for water monitoring and watershed protection.
  • Environmental Education: Creating and carrying out K-12 and afterschool environmental educational programs (with a focus on aquatic resources).
  • LeTort Stormwater Education Campaign: Design creative approaches to educate Carlisle residents about stormwater and engage them in pollution reduction activities from using rain barrels to adopting storm drains.
  • Public Relations and Outreach: Write press releases, design outreach materials, and use social media to market ALLARM’s work.
  • Stream Restoration: Manage a stream restoration site in collaboration with campus organizations and the College Farm.
  • Community Aquatic Resource Laboratory: Conduct analysis on stream samples from volunteers from New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to verify that ALLARM’s volunteer monitors are using their equipment correctly and collecting credible data.  Research and test new aquatic analysis techniques.

Number of Paid Positions Available: Fall/Spring: 10-14 & Summer: 3-5

Hours: Fall/Spring- 10 hrs/week & Summer- 40 hrs/week (housing provided)

Dates to Apply: Fall 2015 Hiring Completed
Contact Information: Julie Vastine,,  717.245.1135

Application: Check here for project areas and application

Dickinson College Organic Farm

The College Farm hires student farmers with curious minds and who are ready to engage in fun and physical work. Interns can expect to perform the conventional tasks of water, weeding, transplanting, harvesting and washing crops, and selling produce at our local farmers market. Student farmers may also participate in the unfamiliar, such as:

  • Animal care for sheep, cows & chickens

  • Installing solar energy systems

  • Working on and with farm equipment
  • Harvesting produce and maintaining fields
  • Preparing value added products
  • Helping with the local farmers market

Working directly with farm managers, many students take advantage of creating hands-on academic internships and independent research projects at the College Farm. 

Number of Paid Positions Available: Fall/Spring: 6-12 & Summer: 5
Hours: Fall/Spring: 6-10 hrs/week & Summer: 40 hrs/week (housing provided)

Dates to Apply: Late Fall (for Spring) & late Spring (for Fall)

Contact Information: Jenn Halpin,,  717.245.1969

Application: Fall 2015 Hiring Completed

Dining Services Sustainable Food

Dining Services hires one intern per semester to both promote and advance sustainable food education and procurement on campus. The intern assists with building an ever-growing inventory list of sustainable products and works to measure "food miles"  for all they procure annually. Interns can expect to fulfill the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Maintain and expand upon the Sustainable Food Inventory

  • Educating the student-body about the benefits of sustainable food
  • Research Dickinson's food supply chain
  • Evaluate sustainability factors of dining services sources and practices
  • Promote dining services's sustainability initiatives in meaningful ways for the student body

Number of Positions Available: Fall/Spring: 1 & Summer: None

Hours: Fall/Spring: 10 hrs/week

Dates to Apply: Check back for Spring 2016 info
Contact Information: Errol Huffman,, 717.245.1318

 Request the position by e-mail and include a resume with an essay in lieu of cover letter. Essay should address how the applicant is the best choice to accomplish the roles and responsibilities described.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS Lab Intern will provide general assistance for all activities associated with the operation of the lab in fulfillment of its broad mission to promote the effective use of GIS technology within the Dickinson Community. Specific duties may include (but not be limited to):

  • Providing technical support to faculty and staff
  • Assisting students with questions about GIS assignments and projects

  • Collecting, editing, and managing spatial data for the GIS data server

  • Maintaining GPS and field data collection equipment in proper working order

  • Preparing and conducting workshops, learning seminars, and tutorials

  • Supporting campus and community outreach activities related to GIS

  • Designing, developing, and maintaining a GIS website for the college

Number of Positions Available: Fall/Spring: 2  & Summer: None

Hours: Fall/Spring: 8 hrs/week

Dates to Apply: N/A

Contact Information: Jim Ciarrocca,,  717.245.1978
Application: Request in person