Treehouse Events

The Treehouse is a Student Organization

Open Mic Nights:
The Treehouse has many events throughout the semester. Every three weeks or so, the house hosts an open mic. Everyone on campus is welcomed into the Treehouse common room to enjoy and perform music, poetry, and tell stories. It's an informal and comfortable atmosphere and helps foster the sharing of talent and community.

Soup & Breads:

Another popular event is the Treehouse soup and bread, which is held twice a semester. Two members of the house plan recipes for two types of soup and two types of bread (one vegetarian, one vegan for each), and all of the treekids help make them. A speaker is invited to the house to talk about a topic relating to the environment or sustainability, and students submit meal points to come and enjoy the delicious food. To reserve a spot at a Soup and Bread event, email your name, Banner ID number, and meal plan (Traditional, Flax I, or Flex II) to