Highlighted Sustainability Courses

SUST 301, Practicum in Sustainability:

Students gain practical skills for creating a sustainable society by using the Dickinson College campus or other organization or community as a living laboratory in which to study and develop solutions to real and pressing problems of sustainable planning and management. Reducing Dickinson’s carbon footprint was the problem focus for spring 2011 and will be again in fall 2012. SUST 301 is a Sustainability Investigations (SINV) course. 

SUST 330, Global Environmental Challenges and Governance:
Environmental challenges that cross international borders are explored using an interdisciplinary approach to better understand their causes, consequences, and local, international and global governance structures for cooperative responses. Global climate change and Africa were the focus for fall 2011, when the course was offered as part of a 4-course Mosaic that included field research at the UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa. SUST 330 is a Sustainability Investigations (SINV) course.

SUST 490, Baird Honors Colloquium:
Students accepted into the Baird Sustainability Fellows program will explore questions about sustainability from a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives and build leadership and professional skills as agents of change. The specific assignments and content of the colloquium will be decided in concert with the admitted students. These may include conversations with invited scholars and practitioners, discussions of selected readings and public lectures, individual or collaborative projects, written essays, presentations of student research and service projects, student led class sessions, workshops, and field trips. Each student will create an electronic portfolio to document attainment of sustainability learning goals. SUST 490 is a Sustainability Investigations (SINV) course.