The President's Commission on Diversity

The Office of Institutional & Diversity Initiatives is dedicated to advancing the college's mission to build and maintain a diverse and inclusive community committed to broadened educational opportunities within an atmosphere of respect for others. As part of the president's senior staff, the special assistant for institutional & diversity initiatives works with all segments of the Dickinson community to ensure that diversity is a critical part of making the college an academically vibrant and challenging place as students prepare to engage the world. One of those ways is through the President's Commission on Diversity.

The mission of the President's Commission on Diversity is to focus on the college's efforts toward building, nurturing and sustaining a diverse and respectful community among students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Below are several diversity-related campus resources:

Campus Climate

To better understand diversity issues and multiculturalism in the campus community, the President's Commission on Diversity, in conjunction with the President's Commission for Women, developed several diversity-focused surveys and studies: