Hello! Jesse McDonald

I'm Jesse McDonald, an associate director of admissions at Dickinson. As a regional counselor, I have the great pleasure of working with and getting to know students from Michigan, North Dakota, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

Although I was born in Missouri, Pennsylvania has always been my home. I grew up not far from Carlisle and frequented the area often. One of my favorite times each year was seeing the bright red Adirondack chairs out on the Dickinson lawn - it meant spring was finally here!

Aside from the beautiful campus, I was drawn to work at Dickinson because of the college's dedication to a rigorous and practical education. Having been a teacher prior to working for Dickinson, education is a priority for me and I believe Dickinson provides one of the best curriculums for college students. In addition, Dickinson is a leader in sustainable and global education, which means students are challenged to think about the greater questions that they will carry with them forever as lifelong learners.
Jesse McDonald
Assistant Director of Admissions