Whether they played on one of Dickinson's 23 varsity athletics teams or not, these alumni are scoring major points as agents, managers and players thanks to their liberal-arts backgrounds.

Andy MacPhail ’76, American studies

Former president of baseball operations for the Baltimore Orioles

“You’re dealing with a wide variety of people with a wide variety of backgrounds, and you need the personal skills to keep everyone steady in the direction you want to go. This is where a liberal-arts education is a great asset. It makes for a strong foundation. When you’re in the front office you have to be able to communicate your philosophy on different issues.”

Mark Gorscak ’79, psychology

College scout for the Pittsburgh Steelers

“[Dickinson] teaches you how to communicate and how to problem solve and be creative as well as organized. That’s how you survive in life. That’s why you can go out and be a psychology major and coach football.”

Kelly Wolf ’82, international studies and history

Director of client management services for the tennis division of Octagon Sports Agency

“Dickinson was the last school I went to when I was looking at college. It was a rainy day, but there was just something about it. I said to my mom, ‘We have to find a way to get me to this school.’ I liked the intimacy, the small class sizes, interaction with faculty. I majored in international studies and history and planned to go to grad school and teach. Now I’m a drill sergeant, advisor, friend, mom. It’s all about giving the right advice at the right time and knowing how to push the right buttons to get [my clients] what they need.”

Leon Rose ’83, political science

Sports agent and head of the basketball division of Creative Artists Agency

“My playing experience helped to prepare me for a lot of things in life. At Dickinson, there were a lot of good players, and I wound up not playing all that much. But going through the rigors of practice and playing on a team taught me a lot.”

Jeff Kingston ’99, economics

Assistant general manager for the Seattle Mariners

“Sports were always my first love. Growing up, I played every day and was an avid fan of all sports, especially baseball. I was a fanatic about reading box scores and statistics. I liked statistics and analyzing them. That was my strong point academically [at Dickinson]. The economics, math and statistics courses I took there laid the foundation for the statistical analysis I do now.”

Kizmahr Grell ’09, English

Playing basketball for Eclipse Jet-MyGuide Amsterdam

“So many people at Dickinson had an impact on the way I carried myself. All the coaching staff, not only basketball. It was a really tight-knit community, and the entire community had a positive influence on me. Everyone was so encouraging when I got this opportunity to go to Europe, so I just knew I had to take it.”