The Multilingual Writing Center is designed to support student writing projects in courses at the 200 level and above. Students will benefit from individual consultation with Overseas Student Assistants who are native speakers from Latin America and Spain and students of Spanish who have been identified as excellent writers. In the center, writing tutors will offer guidance and feedback on the coherence of theses statements and the quality of writing in terms of organization, clarity, and grammatical accuracy.

The role of writing tutors is to facilitate student learning, not to do students’ work for them. Hence, students will be guided toward the proper response, e.g., “Review subject verb agreement” rather than simply given the answer: “Change ‘habla’ to ‘hablan.’” Instead of providing students with a direct response about which tense to use, for example, assistants will review the differences between the grammatical tenses in question until the student is able to arrive at the appropriate response. Students, not assistants, are responsible for the quality and accurate completion of assignments. Professors will be notified of consultations in the center in order to track student progress. You should turn in your draft with comments from the Writing Center along with the revised draft that you give to your professor.

The Norman M. Eberly Multilingual Writing Center is on the main floor of the library.

Please visit the Multilingual Writing Center web page for more information and to make an appointment.

Three new Overseas Student Assistants (OSAs) joined the tutoring staff at the Multilingual Writing Center for the 2016-17 academic year.

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