Fall 2002 Physics Colloquium

Unless otherwise noted, refreshments are served 15 minutes before each colloquium.  Colloquium schedules from other semesters can be found at the *Colloquium Archive*.

Monday, Sept. 16, 4:30pm
Dr. Subhash Antani - Edgewood College
"Exploring the Ionosphere with Radio Waves"

Monday, Sept. 23, 4:30pm
PhACS with David Jackson - Dickinson College
"The Beauty of Patterns"

Wednesday, Sept. 25, 4:30pm
Dr. Owen Gingrich - Harvard University
"The Copernican Revolution Reconsidered"

Thursday, Oct. 3, 8:15pm - Anita Tuvin Schlechter (ATS) auditorium
Priestly Award Lecture
Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell - University of Bath
"In Pursuit of Pulsars"

Monday, Oct. 7, 4:30pm
PhACS with Hans Pfister - Dickinson College
"Flux Tubes, Helicity Conservation, and Christmas Ribbons"

Monday, Oct. 28, 4:30pm
Dr. John Luetzelschwab - Dickinson College
"The Science of Dirty Bombs"

Monday, Nov. 11, 4:30pm
Dr. Karen Lewis Hirsch '92 - Defense Threat Reduction Agency
"Radiation Detection Systems"

Monday, Nov. 18, 4:30pm
Dr. Fiona Hoyle - Drexel University
"Mapping the Universe: A New Era in Redshift Surveys"

Monday, Dec. 9, 4:30pm
Student Research Talks!

Peter Driscoll and Alyse vanEpps - "The Formation of Habitable Planets"
Tim Madden and Amy Street - "Rub a Dub Dub - Radon in the Tub"

Wednesday, Dec. 11, 12:05pm
Student Research Talks!

Elyse Casper and Chris Graham - "Light Transmission Through a Forest Canopy"
Elizabeth Bouzarth - "A Link Between Physics and Mathematics: Helicity Conservation and Reidemaster Moves"
Colleen Bannon, JoEllen McBride, and Erin Bauer - "The Study of a Delta Scuti"
Molly McCormack - "Angular Momentum Changes in Consecutive Pirouettes"

Thursday, Dec. 12, 4:45pm
Student Research Talks!

Jon Blessington - "Plasma Dynamics of the Hall Thruster"
Micah McCutchan - "The Role of Extrasolar Planets in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence"
Elyse Casper - "A Continuing Study of the Structure of Blazars Using the VLBA"