Fall 2003 Physics Colloquium

Unless otherwise noted, lunch is served 15 minutes before each colloquium.  Colloquium schedules from other semesters can be found at the *Colloquium Archive*.


Monday, Sept. 22, 4:30pm
Student Research Talks!

Theresa Sparacio - "Teaching Java to Everyone"
Jonathan Drake - "Experiences at an Amateur-Run Observatory in France"
Jennifer Connely - "New Photometric Observation and Analysis of M18"


Monday, October 6, 4:30pm
Dr. Martin Ligare - Bucknell University
"Faster than a speeding Photon! Slower than a bicycle! What's going on with the speed of light?"


Monday, October 20, 4:30pm
Dr. Chris Burns - Swarthmore College
"Gravitational Lenses: Einstein’s Distorted View of the Universe"


Monday, October 27, 4:30pm
Dr. Karen Daniels - Duke University
"Pattern Formation in Inclined Layer Convection"


Monday, November 3, 4:30pm
Dr. Greg Voth - Wesleyan College
"Geometric Structures in Mixing Fluids: Revealing the Building Blocks of Chaos"


Monday, November 17, 4:30pm
Dr. Douglas Hamilton - University of Maryland
"The Origins of Planetary Spins"


Monday, Dec. 8, 4:30pm
Student Research Talks!

Greg Rydzak and Chris Kerestes - "Exploring Magnetic Resonance Through YIG"
Jonathan Drake - "A Photometric Study of Phocaea Group Asteroid 1584 Fuji"
Scott Robison and Theresa Sparacio - "Modeling Single Finger Formation in 2-Dimensional Ferrofluids"


Tuesday, Dec. 9, 12:05pm
Student Research Talks!

David Young - "Feedback on Discrete Non-linear Electrical Transmission Lines"
Adam Skillings  - "Localized Excitations in Discrete Lattices"
Matt Yanos - "Ice Thickness and Wavelength on Europa"


Thursday, Dec. 11, 12:05pm
Student Research Talks!

Glen Wall and Gina Troiano - "Optical Tweezers"
JoEllen McBride - "Intermediate Velocity Clouds"
Jennifer Connelly - "Eclipsing Binaries: CCD Photometry and Analysis of Several Contact and W Ursae Majoris Type Binary Systems"