Spring 2006 Physics Colloquium

Unless otherwise noted, lunch is served 15 minutes before each colloquium.  Colloquium schedules from other semesters can be found at the *Colloquium Archive*.

Monday, Feb. 6, 4:30pm

Dr. Priscilla Laws - Dickinson College
"Promoting Effective Science Education in Developing Countries"


Monday, Feb. 20, 4:30pm
Dr. James Gleason - Kent State University
"Introduction to Pattern Formation with Liquid Crystals"


Monday, March 6, 4:30pm
Dr. Michael Rogers - Ithaca College
"Applying Physics to Archaeology Using Ground-Based Remote Sensing Instruments"


Monday, March 20, 4:30pm
New Major Induction Ceremony!

Come welcome the newest members of the department!


Monday, April 17, 4:30pm
Ph.D. Candidate Brian P. English - Harvard Universit
"Biophysics of Single Molecules - Zooming in on Enzyme Kinetics"


Monday, May 1, 4:30pm
Senior Research Talks!

Narelle Hillier - "Width of a Ferrofluid Finger"
Sean Casey - "Design of a Dispenser Cathode Electron Source for a Hall Thruster"


Tuesday, May 2, 12:05pm
Senior Research Talks!

Mike Deceglie & Jeremy Lyon - "Computer Generated Holographic Optical Tweezers"


Thursday, May 4, 12:05pm
Senior Research Talks!

Ashley Douglass & Jean-Marie Thomas - "Synchronized Behavior and the Role of the Communication Network"
Maria Schrautemyer - "The Cataclysmic Variable RW Trianguli"