Spring 2007 Physics Colloquium

Unless otherwise noted, lunch is served 15 minutes before each colloquium.  Colloquium schedules from other semesters can be found at the *Colloquium Archive*.


Thursday, Jan. 25, 4:30pm
Dr. Robert Ekey Jr. (Dickinson '99) - Mary Washington University
"Molecular Dynamics of Highly Excited States"


Tuesday, Jan. 30, 4:30pm
Dr. Shelly Lesher - University of Richmond
"Big Booms! From Nuclei to Supernovae: Exploring Nuclear Structure Physics"


Thursday, Feb. 1, 4:30pm
Dr. Brett Pearson - Stony Brook University
"Learning to Control Molecules Using Ultrafast Lasers"


Monday, March 5, 4:30pm
Dr. Kurt Gibble - Pennsylvania State University
"New Physics With Atomic Clocks"


Monday, March 26, 4:30pm
Physics Major Induction Ceremony!

Come welcome the newest members of the department!


Monday, April 2, 4:30pm
Dr. Douglass O'Neal - Bloomsburg University
"Seeing Starspots: Magnetic Activity on Cool Stars"


Monday, April 9, 4:30pm
Dr. Karen Lewis - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
"5000 Square Degrees and Counting: Multi-Wavelength Follow up of the XMM Slew Survey"

Monday, April 23, 4:30pm

Dr. Sharon Stephenson - Gettysburg College
"Mining the Gap and Plugging the Leak: The Current Status of Women in Physics"

Monday, April 30, 4:30pm
Senior Research Talks!

Kristin Jelielek - "Fast Rotators in NGC 2362"
Emily Winfield - "Wave Tank Design and Experiments"


Tuesday, May 1, 12:05pm
Senior Research Talks!

Ryan Stearrett - "Intrinsic Localized Modes in Bi-Inductance a Nonlinear Ring Circuit"
Ben Cooper and Martin Wagner - "Time Resolved Nonlinear Spin Resonance"


Thursday, May 3, 12:05pm
Senior Research Talks!

Edward Cramp - "Operation and Analysis of a Closed Drift Plasma Hall Thruster"
David Zuckerman - "A Video Analysis of the Biomechanics of a Baseball Pitch"