Fall 2006 Physics Colloquium

Unless otherwise noted, lunch is served 15 minutes before each colloquium.  Colloquium schedules from other semesters can be found at the *Colloquium Archive*.

Monday, Sept. 11, 4:30pm

Welcome back gathering for Physics Majors and Friends
BBQ to follow behind Tome


Monday, Sept. 25, 4:30pm
Student Summer Research Projects

Ritoban Basu Thakur - "Designing Detectors for the Beam Loading System at Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory"
Sean Diamond - "Constructing a Solar Energy Collector"


Monday, Oct. 2, 4:30pm
Student Summer Research Projects

Kristy Gaff - "Doppler Detection of Chaotic Microwave Signals"
Ryan Stearet - "The Nonlinear Electronic Transmission Line"
Ben Cooper - "An Internship at the Hershey Medical Center"


Monday, Oct. 23, 4:30pm
Dr. Karen Vanlandingham - West Chester University
"Classical Novae: Things That Go Pop In the Night"


Monday, Oct. 30, 4:30pm
Dr. Emily Townsend - National Institute of Standards and Technology
"Heavy-Fermions in the Superconducting Vortex State: Quantum Effects at Low Temperature"


Monday, Nov. 13, 4:30pm
The Department of Physics and Astronomy Curriculum Revision Discussion


Monday, November 20, 4:30pm
Sigma-Pi-Sigma Induction Ceremony

Dr. Robert C. Ekey, Jr. - University of Mary Washington
"Lasers, Discharges, and the Fingerprints of Molecules"


Monday, Dec. 4, 4:30pm
Senior Research Talks!

Emily Winfield - "Solitons in a Nonlinear Lattice"
Ryan Stearrett - "Gap Solitons"


Tuesday, Dec. 5, 12:05pm
Senior Research Talks!

Ben Cooper - "Resonance and Suhl Instability in YIG"
Martin Wagner - "Building a High Vacuum System"
David Zuckerman - "Play Ball"

Thursday, Dec. 7, 12:05pm
Senior Research Talks!

Kristin Jekielek - "Fast Rotators in NGC 2362"
Ed Cramp - "Modifications and Analysis of a Closed-Drift Hall Thruster"