Fall 2008 Physics Colloquium

Unless otherwise noted, refreshments are served 15 minutes before each colloquium.  Colloquium schedules from other semesters can be found at the *Colloquium Archive*.


Monday, Sept. 1, 4:30pm
Welcome Back Majors - Colloquium and BBQ!

Dr. David Jackson - Dickinson College
"A Few Reminders About Being a Major"


Monday, Sept. 15, 4:30pm
Dr. Matt DeCamp - University of Delaware
"Time Resolved X-Ray Spectroscopy"


Monday, Sept. 29, 4:30pm
Dr. Tamara Bodganovic - University of Maryland
"When Galaxies Play Pinball: From Black Hole Binaries to Recoiling Black Holes"


Tuesdsay, Oct. 21, 7:30pm in ATS
Joseph Priestley Lecture

Nobel Leaureate Joseph Taylor - Princeton University
"Binary Pulsars and Relativistic Gravity"


Monday, Nov. 3, 4:30pm
Dr. Craig Foltz - National Science Foundation
"Why Working at the National Science Foundation is Pretty Cool in Spite of Stress, an Obstreperous Community, and the Vicissitudes of the Federal Budget Process"


Monday, Nov. 17, 4:30pm
Dr. Enrique (Kiko) Galvez - Colgate University
"The Photon: A Quantum Enigma"


Monday, November 24, 4:30pm
Sigma-Pi-Sigma Induction Ceremony

Dr. William Vodra '93 - USAF Arnold Engineering Dev. Center
"Routinely Shattering the Sound Barrier: Physics and Other Disciplines Required at a USAF Mach 14 Wind Tunnel"

Monday, Dec. 1, 4:30pm
Senior Research Talks!

Liz McCadden - "The Mpemba Effect: How Can Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold?"

Tuesday, Dec. 2, 12:05pm
Senior Research Talks!

Lindsay Currotto, Brandon Jones, and Erin Ryan - "Quantum Experiments with Single Photons - Part I"
Jesse Abrams and Brendan Hurst - "Quantum Experiments with Single Photons - Part II"


Thursday, Dec. 4, 12:05pm
Senior Research Talks!

Katie Shrader - "New Photometry on the Variable Star V723Cas"
Ritwik Niyogi - "Synchronization and Learning in a Network of Coupled Neural Phase Oscillators"