Economics and Careers

The economics major graduates with a wide range of opportunities within and beyond the private sector. Based on the experience of our graduates, the general analytical skills of the economist are highly valued in certain areas of the private sector, such as finance, consulting, economic forecasting, and general management. Economic analysis is also valued in the public sector, which employs many economists as policy analysts and economic forecasters. Other desirable fields pursued by economics majors include law, academics, and social services, along with the full range of careers available to the liberal arts major. Furthermore, graduate study in related fields such as business, public administration and policy, urban and regional planning, labor relations and international affairs often involves a great deal of economics. The economics major has an advantage in such programs. Dickinson has sent economics majors to top business schools such as Harvard, Pennsylvania, Duke, and Michigan, to top law schools such as Harvard, Michigan, and Chicago. The study of economics provides the analytical ability and breadth of understanding which permit the student to develop into an informed and effective person, regardless of one's career. For more information visit the Dickinson College Career Center web page, Major to Career: Economics.