Programming Board

Multi-Organizational Board

Provide campus-wide entertainment and programming with the goal of achieving a balanced and diversified calendar of events

Contact: Jaion Dunn

Religious Life


The Mission of Achim is as multifaceted as it is important: (1) to foster a brotherhood among inclined male students at Dickinson College of Jewish faith; (2) to serve as a support mechanism for the same; (3) to add to the vivacity and strength of Jewish Life on campus, especially for members of our organization; and (4) to serve, in name and in action, as honorable representatives of the Jewish People.

Contact: Kyle Liss

Dickinson Christian Fellowship

"To lovingly show and boldly proclaim Christ to each other, to the campus, and to the surrounding community, providing opportunities for fellowship, service, and spiritual growth."

Contact: Kathleen Getaz


DiscipleMakers is a student run Christian organization ministering to Dickinson students. DiscipleMakers seeks to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to our fellow students through Biblically based training in evangelism and discipleship. All students are welcome regardless of spiritual background.

Contact: Richard Klingerman


Hillel aims to create a community of Jewish students and students interested in Judaism by creating social, educational, and religious programs.

Contact: Jessie Jansen

Muslim Students Association

The purpose of the Muslim Student Association shall be to provide a space in which Muslims and non-Muslim students can come together and build a better understanding of Islam, bond with each other, and share appropriate life experiences. Members will learn about the Islamic faith, and engage in discussions and events relating to various topics in Islam as well as informal discussion geared to promoting awareness of current events pertaining to Muslims around the world.

Contact: Ikram Rabbani

Newman Club

To create a healthy environment for Catholics on campus by facilitating internal and external discussion, as well as creating a space for Catholics to practice their faith.

Contact: Kevin Doyle

Student Government

Student Senate

To support student clubs and organizations, and to represent the Student Body in the shared governance of the College.

Contact: Ian Hower