Community Service

Alpha Phi Omega

Be a friend, be a leader, be of service. Alpha Phi Omega is a coed national service fraternity. APO fosters brotherhood among members while providing opportunities to become involved within the Carlisle community and the college.

Contact: Alissa Meister
Contact: Alissa Meister

America Reads

Helping teach kindergartners how to read and write.

Contact: Stephanie Orsini
Contact: Michele St. Julien


Assisting with an afterschool art program for middle school students

Contact: Kristen Carmen
Contact: Qiaoling Yuan


Mentoring children one on one during lunch and recess

Contact: Christina Baum
Contact: Molly DiLeonardi


Tutoring and mentoring elementary school children

Contact: Tiffany Chin
Contact: Shannon Zangas

Carlisle Tutoring

Tutoring children after school

Contact: Kathryn Dina
Contact: Kathryn Henwood

Circle K International

Developing college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.

Contact: Sara Sweeten


CommServ is dedicated to linking students to volunteer programs in the Carlisle Community.

Contact: Kevin Doyle
Contact: Eric Stangroom

Day of Service

The mission of Day of Service is to provide opportunities to do community service for the Carlisle community as well as the greater community to students from all areas of campus once every month.

Contact: Kayla Muirhead
Contact: Mical Tawney

Dickinson Friends

Mentoring special needs youth

Contact: Mariel Halpern
Contact: Saaya Imura

Dream Catchers

Mentoring middle school students with ESL backgrounds

Contact: Bairy Diakite
Contact: Samuel Mandl


Teaching adults how to improve their English skills

Contact: Mary Campbell
Contact: Jennifer Menendez

Habitat for Humanity

Eliminate sub-standard housing.

Contact: Turner Baldwin

Keystones of Dickinson College

We are the premier all-male social and service group on campus. We offer an alternative to Greek life by providing the men of Dickinson College opportunities for social and service fraternity.

Contact: Ryan Protter


The mission of L.E.A.D. is to create a safe space where students can learn about social justice and diversity issues, to empower bystander intervention and to encourage students to act with self- respect and respect for others, and to define their passion in today’s culture. The curriculum will be based on pre-existing prevention and education models that include race, gender, culture, sexual violence, media, and cyber-bullying.


Montgomery Service Leaders

The purpose of MSL is to provide Dickinson students a unique and valuable opportunity to work and engage in community service with organizations in Carlisle and surrounding areas.

Contact: Jasmine Britton


Phoenix is Dickinson College's all girl community service group. This year, our volunteer projects include an animal shelter based in Harrisburg, Carlisle clean ups, and other events with local organizations. Our members are committed to giving back to the community and building relationships with truly great people.

Contact: Mia Bedford

Prison Inmate Tutoring

Tutoring inmates of a local prison to help them obtain their GEDs

Contact: Turner Baldwin
Contact: Abigail Bowman

Senior Companions

The purpose of Senior Companions is to pair Dickinson students with the senior residents of Claremont Nursing home to create relationships to enhance both the Dickinson and Claremont communities.

Contact: Mary Briggs
Contact: Mary Briggs
Contact: Anh Nguyen
Contact: Anh Nguyen
Contact: Orli Segal
Contact: Orli Segal

Service Trips

Service Trips is a service organization to provide help to communities in need while developing the intellectual, social, and leadership potential of the student participants.

Contact: Timothy Dressel
Contact: Kendra Haven


African American Society

The African-American Society (AAS) is a social and cultural organization. Culturally, we exist to promote an awareness and acceptance of our unique heritage. Our social purpose is to offer activities that encourage cultural interaction and diversity. We eagerly cooperate with other cultural and social organizations on campus to promote cultural awareness and interactions, awell as foster a community of support and advancement.

Contact: Chalise Saunders

Asian American Alliance

Dickinson College’s social space for Asian American students and community friends to gather, discuss, and promote unity and comfort.

Contact: Lindsey Blais

Asian Social Interest Association (ASIA)

ASIA's goal is to increase education and awareness of Asian cultures, issues, activities, and events, as well as provide a social outlet for students of Asian interest or heritage. ASIA functions independently from, but works with, other cultural groups on campus. Some activities include the annual Chinese Moon Festival, a film series, and participation in Multicultural Fair Week. Contact: President: Jiacheng Wang VP: Lingwei Cheng

Contact: Jiacheng Wang

Japanese Aesthetics Club

The aim of the Japanese Aesthetics Club is to help the Dickinson community get a better understanding of the Japanese art and culture. Each month the club will focus on one aspect of art in Japan, whether it be a visual or performing art. For example, one month we will concentrate on ikebana, Japanese flower arranging. The Japanese Aesthetics club will have ikebana workshops with guest instructors and hold events, including an ikebana contest where participants will compete to create the finest flower arrangement that depicts the chosen theme the best. Besides learning the art of ikebana, the Japanese Aesthetics Club will also offer tea ceremony lessons, calligraphy workshops, origami tutorials, cooking and baking sessions, and other Japanese art forms. In addition, our club hopes to work with other clubs, such as the Anime Club, Gastronomy Club, and Club A.S.I.A. to appeal to a wider demographic. Our club also hopes to have trips to various Japanese related locations and events, such as the Shofuso house or the DC National Cherry Blossom Festival. Traditional Japanese visual and performing arts have a very spiritual and calming effect on the human psyche, which is perfect for stressful college students. In the Japanese Aesthetics Club we hope to relieve any built up tensions by providing the members with a place of relaxation and by creating a serene atmosphere to the Dickinson community.

Contact: Jasmine Gatten

Latin American and Caribbean Club

The purpose of the Latin American and Caribbean Club (LACC) is to bring cultural awareness to each culture represented in Latin America and the Caribbean. We not only encourage the participation of all club members through weekly meetings on pressing topics concerning the regions, but we also aim towards engaging the campus community by hosting events and activities on Dickinson's campus. We hope to expand knowledge and understanding on the regions and Latin American and Caribbean cultures within the Dickinson student body.

Contact: Sharaldine Francisco

Middle East Club

The Middle East Club aims to promote awareness of the politics and the various cultures of the Middle East through discussions and events throughout the year. The Middle East Club is open to all students in the Dickinson Community with an interest in the culture, politics, or history of the Middle East.

Contact: Jarrett Bordner

Portuguese Club

The purpose of the Portuguese Club at Dickinson College is to promote Portuguese language and culture of Portuguese-speaking countries. In order to achieve such goal, members and students interested meet weekly for dinner to speak strictly Portuguese, organize events and bi-weekly movie showings.

Contact: Braulio Ribeiro


Spectrum primarily aims at creating a community for LGBTQ identified people and their Allies as well as spreading awareness about LGBTQ issues throughout the Dickinson community by: educating people about contemporary LGBTQ issues, organizing opportunities for positive activism, and aiming to be a safe space place for both individual and communal growth.

Contact: Martin Alvarez



To empower students around environmental issues to take action and make a difference in the community.

Contact: Jacqueline Goodwin

Students Interested in Sustainable Agriculture

SISA is an organization designed to raise awareness of agricultural issues on campus and connect students to the College Farm. Each year, SISA organizes the popular Harvest Fest and Local Food Dinner

Contact: Mackenzie Johnson


The Treehouse, the Center for Sustainable Living, is a place where sustainability-minded students can live and work together to support and promote sustainability efforts among themselves and throughout the Dickinson College campus.

Contact: Mackenze Burkhart