Community Service

Alpha Phi Omega

Be a friend, be a leader, be of service. Alpha Phi Omega is a coed national service fraternity. APO fosters brotherhood among members while providing opportunities to become involved within the Carlisle community and the college.

Contact: Victoria Reid

Be The Match on Campus

For the thousands of people diagnosed every year with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, a cure exists. Over the past 25 years Be The Match ® , operated by the National Marrow Donor Program ® (NMDP), has managed the largest and most diverse marrow registry in the world. We work every day to save lives through transplant.

Contact: Kyle Santorine

Order of the Scroll & Key (Grey Hats)

The Order of the Scroll & Key is an honor society at Dickinson College that recognizes seven senior male students each year. The Order is dedicated to community service and leadership, on campus and in Carlisle. The Order works to benefit several local charities and philanthropies, and also works in conjunction with other student organizations at Dickinson.

Contact: Jahmel Martin


Phoenix is Dickinson College's all girl community service group. This year, our volunteer projects include an animal shelter based in Harrisburg, Carlisle clean ups, and other events with local organizations. We also host a variety of events both on and off campus. Our members are committed to giving back to the community and building relationships with truly great people.

Contact: Juliette Bastarache

Project Storytime

Project Storytime is dedicated to connecting the Carlisle and Dickinson communities through advocating for and improving children's literacy in the local area. Several projects include readings at the local library as well as an annual bookdrive in the Fall Semester. All proceeds go to Project SHARE for its Summer Reading Program.

Contact: Anh Tran

Random Acts of Kindness Club

The mission behind this club is to spread happiness and kindness across campus in a subtle, meaningful way. Our goal is to recognize individuals and group who are not normally recognized, just because people deserve it. We believe it would be beneficial to help open up people’s perspectives to realize that there’s more on campus than their busy lives, and help students’ development as more involved citizens in Dickinson College’s community.



African American Society

The African-American Society (AAS) is a social and cultural organization that recognizes and celebrates diversity of thought and experiences among the African American community at Dickinson College. Culturally, we exist to promote an awareness and acceptance of our unique heritages. Socially, we create a space for dialogue pertaining to concerns and interests within this community and cultural exchange through yearly events. We set out to collaborate with other student organizations, encourage meaningful interactions outside of the classroom, and foster a community of support and advancement.

Contact: Frieda Adu-Brempong

Anime Club

Anime Club exists to offer a physical forum in which students can gather to enjoy and discuss Japanese otaku culture, and its animated and written products (anime and manga).

Contact: Mitchell Snyder
Contact: Zephram Wolf

Asian Pacific Association

APA is an organization founded by students for students of Dickinson College who identify themselves as such. APA strives to emphasize intersectionality and diversity among the Asian and Pacific Islander community. Our goal is to foster a strong sense of community and act as a safe environment for API students on campus. This is a space for any and all those who are interested and will not discriminate membership based upon, but not limited to; race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion or creed. The APA encourages its members to seek leadership and become more involved within the Dickinson community.

Contact: Natalie Cao

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

The purpose of CSSA is not only to spread Chinese culture in Dickinson college, but also to make a nice “collision” among Chinese culture and other cultures, especially American culture. The goal of CSSA is to promote and to empower students to have a better understanding of Chinese culture, and also to help Dickinson Chinese students better involved in American culture.

Contact: Jingzhi Zhou
Contact: Jingzhi Zhou

Global Gastronomy Group

To learn about and create authentic food from cultures around the world.

Contact: Julia Williams

I AM THAT GIRL: Dickinson College

A girl’s physical, emotional and mental well-being is rooted in her self-worth. And we are living in an epidemic of self-doubt. I AM THAT GIRL is helping girls to transform self-doubt in to self-love by providing a safe space to be lifted up and have honest conversations about things that matter. Every day, girls are bombarded with messages that attack what she is NOT and we work every day to help her love who SHE IS; to see that in herself and inspire that in others. We’ve seen limitless possibility when girls collaborate instead of compete and contribute as much as they consume. By creating a culture for girls to be seen, be heard, and belong, we are changing their lives and creating a healthier, more powerful world.

Contact: Emma Batchelder

Latin American and Caribbean Club

The purpose of the Latin American and Caribbean Club (LACC) is to bring cultural awareness to each culture represented in Latin America and the Caribbean. We not only encourage the participation of all club members through weekly meetings on pressing topics concerning the regions, but we also aim towards engaging the campus community by hosting events and activities on Dickinson's campus. We hope to expand knowledge and understanding on the regions and Latin American and Caribbean cultures within the Dickinson student body.

Contact: Brussels Mercado

Middle East Club

The Middle East Club aims to promote awareness of the politics and the various cultures of the Middle East through discussions and events throughout the year. The Middle East Club is open to all students in the Dickinson Community with an interest in the culture, politics, or history of the Middle East.

Contact: Thomas Parkinson


Spectrum is Dickinson College’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ+) student Group. Spectrum works to create a safe and supportive environment through social and educational opportunities and advocating for the needs and concerns of LGBTQQIA students along side the Office of LGBTQ Services.

Contact: Kitson Smyth

W.I.N.D Club

The major purpose of this organization is to promote various cultures that are represented at Dickinson College. Our goal is to encourage cooperation and communication among different cultural groups, to coordinate events that will improve cultural understanding and to encourage greater student awareness of the global heritage. We intend to be the voice of international students as a whole and at the same time to help them to communicate better with each other and with other students on campus. We will act as a supportive group for all international students and provide a platform to share information and resources for incoming and current Dickinson students. We plan to assist the annual international student orientation as well as be additional support for new international students throughout their time at Dickinson. Moreover, we aim at building connections between international students and domestic students through our events, in which the latter will have opportunities to learn foreign culture from our club aside from going abroad. Our dream is to bring established cultural organizations together at least once a year to facilitate a campus-wide event (ex. Global Fair) that will become another favorite Dickinson tradition. We will hold other cultural events to showcase a diversity of various cultures through celebrating national festivals and holidays, presenting unique customs, clothing and food traditions of the world. Through these events we hope to broaden students’ knowledge of cultures other than their own and support academic interest in exploring various nationalities, to eliminate stereotypes of other countries, and to contribute to Dickinson's diversity.

Contact: Anastasiia Khlopina



To empower students around environmental issues to take action and make a difference in the community.

Contact: Mackenzie Johnson


The Treehouse, the Center for Sustainable Living, is a place where sustainability-minded students can live and work together to support and promote sustainability efforts among themselves and throughout the Dickinson College campus.

Contact: Mackenzie Johnson