Task Force

Dickinson is a diverse community that values the lived experiences of its members and the expression of a variety of perspectives.  We recognize that difference and diversity enrich community -- but can also divide.  The intercultural competency initiative addresses this challenge.  We define intercultural competence as the ability for community members to engage with each other across cultural difference in order to deepen learning and build mutual understanding and community.

The goals for the task force are to

  • increase the cultural competency of all faculty, students and staff on campus
  • provide students with more intentional preparation before and after their study abroad experience
  • better integrate well-represented and under-represented students into the campus community; and
  • make Dickinson a national leader in intercultural conversations by establishing best practices.

Task Force Members:

Samantha Brandauer, Co-Chair
Executive Director of the Center for Global Study and Engagement and Associate Provost

Brenda Bretz, Co-Chair
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Inclusivity

Joyce Bylander
Vice President and Dean of Student Life

Lucile Duperron 
Associate Professor of French 

Angie Harris
Associate Dean of Students

Marie Helweg-Larsen
Professor of Psychology 

Jacob Jacob
Visiting International Scholar in International Studies

Noreen Lape 
Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and Director of the Writing Program

Denette Moul 
Associate Director for Human Resource Development

Connie McNamara
Vice President for Marketing & Communications


Kaveri Patwardhan
Class of 2020

Kristina Rodriguez
Class of 2019

Susan Rose
Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology and Director of the Community Studies Center

Kevin Ssonko
Class of 2020

Shalom Staub
Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and Civic Engagement

Vincent Stephens
Director of the Popel Shaw Center

Kirk Swenson
Vice President for Advancement 

Stephanie Teeuwen
Class of 2020

Neil Weissman
Provost and Dean of the College