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Students fuel campus vehicle with biodiesel.

Students Produce Fuel from Waste Vegetable Oil

The Dickinson College Biodiesel Program is a student-managed production operation that creates educational opportunities for students, faculty and staff and provides the college campus with a sustainable, alternative fuel source.

Operational History

Founded by two students, Jennie Bernstein '06 and Kim Ogren '08, the program continues to be operated by students, 3-5 interns in the Fall/Spring semesters, and 2 full-time interns during the summer. The interns are involved in a variety of biodiesel-related projects that include: production of biodiesel from used waste vegetable oil; quality testing; soap production from glycerol; education to internal and external communities on how to make biodiesel; strategic planning for the shop; and research projects.

Education & Outreach

The Dickinson College Biodiesel Program partners with different community and collegiate resources to spread the word about biofuels and alternative energy sources. Each year we offer a small-scale biodiesel lab with the Environmental Studies Department and frequent tours for a variety of audiences. This allows students to make small batches of fuel and gain some hands- on experience. We encourage our students to attend professional meetings and conferences as much as possible to share and network with others in the biofuels production industry.

Information & Tours
The Biodiesel Program is under the direction of the Center for Sustainability Education (CSE). For information on how to apply for an internship or research projects, please explore the CSE Internship Program.

We welcome tour groups, conference calls, and basic educational consulting services to others interested in biodiesel production.

For more information on the Biodiesel Program contact:

Tyce Herrman

CSE Sustainability Projects Coordinator